Friday, November 13, 2009

Felty Friday The Thirteenth

No need to dive in corners or be extra specially careful of ladders and black cats.
How could you possibly be scared while looking at this?

ShesSoCrafty Is Proud To Present today's 
Felty Friday Artist: fiberpuppy!
fiberpuppy works with felted wool and makes the most adorable felt hats and lush scarves. 
Her choice of colors is amazing and her designs have a touch of whimsey  and who could possibly resist a cozy hat with an owl, cat or dog staring back at you?  
Here are fiberpuppy's FELTY FOUR!

Why felt?
I love making felt because there’s an element of surprise. It’s like shrinky-dinks. You think you know what it will look like but when it comes out , but it’s always a little different; maybe more lofty or thicker or longer. You kind of never know.
Also there is a structural element to felt that I love. To me it’s much more 3-D than plain knitting. I love the texture I can create with the shibori process, and when it's still moist you can give the felt shape by putting it over a form or stretching it.

If you had to describe your work as a song what would it be?

The Manamama song from the muppet show. It’s quirky and the hippie muppet keeps trying to go off on tangents but the cows keep reigning him in. He does finally get the last word though.

What is the one thing you hate about your work?

The little bits of fluff everywhere. Felting has nearly killed my washing machine. The machine got so clogged with fiber it wouldn’t drain. Finally enough pressure built up and a huge fiber poop came shooting out.

Greatest Crafty Accomplishment?

This didn’t win any awards but I was pretty proud of myself. I knit the seats to our lawn furniture using mop handles and clothesline. I learned that one from the Manly art of knitting (which is unfortunately out of print). If featured a pattern for a hammock using boat oars and clothesline.
 (shessocrafty wants to see a picture of this LOL)

Click on any of the images above to be taken to fiberpuppy's Etsy shop or just click right here!

Thanks for reading and make sure to give ALL of our Felty Friday Artists Some Love! 


SassyBelle said...

love the kitty...fiberpuppy has great scarves in her shop!!!

The Hippie Chick Boutique said...

fiberpuppy is an amazing artist. her creations are so unique :) I loooooove her stuff! Oh and I totally relate to the hippie dude in that song. He's completely random and a little crazy just like me LOL

L M Turned Art said...

What a true artist!!! And she's a wonderful person also. Thanks for featuring her and her art for us. I can't say I'll ever get rid of the song tho. Lana

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