Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Felty Friday Time!!!

 This week I am presenting you with a Felty Friday 
featured artist with a cool shop name:

fullenstar and her magnificent fiber arts! Her scarves are amazingly bright and unique.  I love the soft look of them and the punched up colors!  Fashionable and so artisticly concieved with a slight flair for drama this is felt dressed up in it's finest!!!

Here are fullenstar's Felty Four!

Why Felt?
Felt is so cool because it is art, craft, function, science, and magic all rolled into one piece of pretty amazing material.  Until you have actually went through the entire felt making process it is hard to understand how a few loose fibers and hot soapy water can create this fabulous fabric.

 If you could make anything out of felt not restricted by cost or design what would it be?
I would love to felt a really big piece of furniture, like my sofa. I can't imagine being able to make that much nuno felt yardage, not to mention sewing it all into a cover.  Maybe I'll start with a throw pillow!

What is your Creative Process?
When I take a seat in the studio  I am surrounded by all of my hand dyed silks and gorgeous hand blended rovings, that is all the inspiration that I need. I simply pick out a beautiful colorway and a piece of silk and felt, felt, felt.

 If you were stranded on a desert island with only three craft items what would they be?
Wool, silk, and bubble wrap, of course! Has anyone ever felted a bikini?

 A felt bikini NOW there's something 
I'd like to see!!!  Make sure you give our 
                             Felty Friday Artist some love!  Happy Shopping!  


Fiberpuppy said...

I want a felted sofa. Soo cool.

ShesSoCrafty said...

I know right??? I wouldn't mind a felted bikini either!!!

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