Friday, November 6, 2009

Felty Friday Artist FeltLikeStitchin

Felty Fridays is a new feature That we will be running every Friday On the Blog and on the ShesSoCrafty A&D Fanpage   Here .   Felt is such a Wonderful Material, I want to bring to light ALL of the wonderful Artists working in this diverse, durable and fantastically wonderful material.

ShesSoCrafty Is Proud To Present today's Felty Friday Artist:  FeltLikeStitchin!  

  ShesSoCrafty Presents FeltLikeStitchin's Felty Four:
FeltLikeStitchin Answers four questions about her love of felt and her shop on Etsy!
(click any of the pictures to visit her shop!

Why Felt?
For me, the best thing about felt is the wonderful range of colours. It's so bright and cheerful I can't help being inspired to create! I love that it's so versatile too, and it doesn't fray making it great for kids to learn how to sew.

Greatest Crafty Accomplishment?

My best and most exciting accomplishment so far has been seeing my work in print. My Russian Dolls have appeared in a craft magazine and in the Sunday supplement of a national UK newspaper, my Cross Patch Kits were featured in another UK craft magazine and four of my DiDi Dolls appeared in the Crammed Organisms book.

How do you work are you sloppy sue or neat nelly?
I'm a neat freak in my head but in reality my sewing stuff tends to gradually take over the house. Only yesterday I heard my husband muttering that our living room is starting to look like a sweat shop but I just buried my head in the felt and kept on stitching!

If you were stranded on a desert island with only three craft items what would they be?
I'd definitely need needles, thread, felt, but then I'd need some scissors too so that makes four! I guess if I had a pack of needles, a box of threads and some sharp scissors I could try stitching leaves and tree bark - if I was lucky there might be goats or some other woolly creatures on the island and I could have a go at making my own felt!

Her shop is a wonderful collection of wonderfully Bright and Charmingly 
Cheerful Items for your shopping Pleasure!  I really love her Matroyshka dolls and her super playful gingerbread houses and ornaments, all perfect for Christmas!   
Visit her shop here (or click any of the images listed above!)

Happy Shopping!


FeltLikeStitchin said...

Thank you so much for featuring me - I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your Felty Friday Features:)

Fiberpuppy said...

Those Russian dolls are amazing!

ShesSoCrafty said...

I fell in Love with those the moment I saw them! :)

Valerie said...

I love FeltLikeStitchin's work!! Her creations make fantastic birthday presents and Christmas stocking fillers!

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