Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've Moved!

I decided to switchy over to Wordpress...  where I will now have all of my info in one place... If you are a follower here please feel free to catch me over there!  I have google friend connect so it is super easy to follow a blog just as you would here!  Just look for it in the left column!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around soon! :)


Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Felty Friday Time!!!

 This week I am presenting you with a Felty Friday 
featured artist with a cool shop name:

fullenstar and her magnificent fiber arts! Her scarves are amazingly bright and unique.  I love the soft look of them and the punched up colors!  Fashionable and so artisticly concieved with a slight flair for drama this is felt dressed up in it's finest!!!

Here are fullenstar's Felty Four!

Why Felt?
Felt is so cool because it is art, craft, function, science, and magic all rolled into one piece of pretty amazing material.  Until you have actually went through the entire felt making process it is hard to understand how a few loose fibers and hot soapy water can create this fabulous fabric.

 If you could make anything out of felt not restricted by cost or design what would it be?
I would love to felt a really big piece of furniture, like my sofa. I can't imagine being able to make that much nuno felt yardage, not to mention sewing it all into a cover.  Maybe I'll start with a throw pillow!

What is your Creative Process?
When I take a seat in the studio  I am surrounded by all of my hand dyed silks and gorgeous hand blended rovings, that is all the inspiration that I need. I simply pick out a beautiful colorway and a piece of silk and felt, felt, felt.

 If you were stranded on a desert island with only three craft items what would they be?
Wool, silk, and bubble wrap, of course! Has anyone ever felted a bikini?

 A felt bikini NOW there's something 
I'd like to see!!!  Make sure you give our 
                             Felty Friday Artist some love!  Happy Shopping!  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 on 30!

A wonderful idea emerged on the Etsy Forums yesterday... anniepoo of  http://www.etsy.com/shop/anniepoo asked what if everyone spent $30.00 on handmade on just one day?  Hence the 30 on 30! 
We want EVERYONE to spend $30.00 on handmade on November 30.  Don't have 30? I know times are tight... spend what you can!  Etsy is a vibrant community of handmade goodies and vintage at all different price ranges!  Get a gift, buy a spluge for yourself.  Most importantly you will be supporting handmade and vintage craftsmen and sellers.  You can search for local artists to put the money right back into your community or you can just support lovely artists from all around the world!   Tis the season to give and give back,  so support handmade!  It only takes one person to start a movement!
Scroll down for a list of participating shops!

Go to Etsy and search the term 30on30 and get your shop on!

If you are a seller and want to participate sign up on the forum here HERE and view the informational thread HERE!  And your shop info will be added to this post!

Happy shopping and spread the word!!!

Participating Shops: 

Stop by Annie's Powder Room for totally unique soaps that are perfect for gift giving and stocking stuffing! We TRULY have a soap for ANYONE!!!

Handmade vegan soaps, candles, cute jewelry & household items.

Handmade custom Jewelry and accessories.

Check out my shop for colorful, small format original artwork and gemstone jewelry.  

Check uot my shop for handmade jewelery. 

Cute AND functional kitchen linens for the descriminating chef.

Fern Hollow Finds offers useful products for everyday living; hats, scarves, jewelry, jewelry travel organizers, fabric napkins & more.

Quality handmade cards for all occasions. I have many cards to choose from.

Where there are lots of Everyday Housewife™ aprons to choose from - for everyday, every season and any reason!

One of a kind fabric postcards - mailable textile art

Fine Felt Jewelry and Accessories

Hand Knitted and Felted Fiber Gifts

Stoneware pottery & soaps...soap ships free if you buy a soapdish too. :)
 Unique, useful and decorative Stained Glass, Mosaics and Fused Glass items for your home and garden. 

Come vist Apt No 5 for modern jewelry with an edge.   Real 14k goldfill charm necklaces for just $30!

Clothing and accessories available here and Great stocking stuffers.

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Stop by desertgarden for luxurious spinning fibers and yarns.

Stop by Lost Mitten for handmade geekery, including my original Nintendo and video game housewares made out of Perler Beads and needlepoint! I also have knit wear and cute pinback buttons!

carries long, light, easy to wear necklaces and earrings made from recycled vintage beads, chain, ribbon and lace. Each piece is UNIQUE!
Scottish Sea Glass and some other wee creations, everything under $30!!!!

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Handpainted wooden dolls that are the epitome of cute!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A little Bit about Why I Create and Design in Felt

For those of you not familiar with the wonderfulness of Wool Felt, let me go ahead and break it down as to why this is one of my FAVORITE mediums.
For all of my jewelry items I use exclusively  Genuine Wool Felt.  Genuine Wool felt is a blend of usually 35 percent wool and 65 percent polyester or 20%wool and 80% polyester.  This blend makes a super durable lush and smooth felt.  This felt maintains it's shape, when blanket stiched around it does not stretch at all.
It can be layered and accented with sequins and beads.
Everyone has sterling silver or gold jewelry.  My goal is to throw my own spin at the jewelry market, with designs that are elegant and fun and most of all play off of current trends.   My goal is to create jewelry that creates a statement and is completely unique.
I enjoy creating peices that will wow and create a conversation. The Metal jewelry market is so saturated, my aim is to present an alternative that is just as beautiful and just as wow worthy. I love having a soft and light piece of felt hanging from my ears or around my neck...
My jewelry is created using original free form embroidery techniques and the layers are first glued together using industrial strength felt glue and then each layer is sewn toghther.  This creates jewelry that is not only durable but virtually indestructible.
Each peice can be lightly cleaned using a damp cloth... It's not advisable to submerge the peices in water.  It is totally preferable to remove the jewelry when washing your hands.
I love taking such a simple and durable material and transforming it into something beautiful and unexpected.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Felty Friday The Thirteenth

No need to dive in corners or be extra specially careful of ladders and black cats.
How could you possibly be scared while looking at this?

ShesSoCrafty Is Proud To Present today's 
Felty Friday Artist: fiberpuppy!
fiberpuppy works with felted wool and makes the most adorable felt hats and lush scarves. 
Her choice of colors is amazing and her designs have a touch of whimsey  and who could possibly resist a cozy hat with an owl, cat or dog staring back at you?  
Here are fiberpuppy's FELTY FOUR!

Why felt?
I love making felt because there’s an element of surprise. It’s like shrinky-dinks. You think you know what it will look like but when it comes out , but it’s always a little different; maybe more lofty or thicker or longer. You kind of never know.
Also there is a structural element to felt that I love. To me it’s much more 3-D than plain knitting. I love the texture I can create with the shibori process, and when it's still moist you can give the felt shape by putting it over a form or stretching it.

If you had to describe your work as a song what would it be?

The Manamama song from the muppet show. It’s quirky and the hippie muppet keeps trying to go off on tangents but the cows keep reigning him in. He does finally get the last word though.

What is the one thing you hate about your work?

The little bits of fluff everywhere. Felting has nearly killed my washing machine. The machine got so clogged with fiber it wouldn’t drain. Finally enough pressure built up and a huge fiber poop came shooting out.

Greatest Crafty Accomplishment?

This didn’t win any awards but I was pretty proud of myself. I knit the seats to our lawn furniture using mop handles and clothesline. I learned that one from the Manly art of knitting (which is unfortunately out of print). If featured a pattern for a hammock using boat oars and clothesline.
 (shessocrafty wants to see a picture of this LOL)

Click on any of the images above to be taken to fiberpuppy's Etsy shop or just click right here!

Thanks for reading and make sure to give ALL of our Felty Friday Artists Some Love! 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extended Info Or the Way to totally Optimize your Facebook for Search Engines

This is part of our Facebook fan page tune up section.

Ok so previously we talked about search engine optimization... And I told you that the easiest way to do this was to utilize two things on your fan page... The box below your profile picture and another facebook application called Extended Info.

Let's start with the Box.

That handy little box under your profile is for much more than links. It's a traffic gold mine... put in a killer description of your business when people are googling your keywords wouldn't it be awesome if your etsy shop didn't come up at least your killer fan page with all of your info would????

Next using the Extended info application http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2374336051 you can customize your info tab and make that an awesome boon of information. Again remembering to use words that describe your business and a little about yourself if you want.I'm still workin on mine...
As with most things home business based... There ain't enough hours in the day!!!
 But since using this boxes to my best advantage when someone googles my shop MY FANPAGE comes up before even my Etsy shop.  So it is definietly another door into your shop... granted its  a bit more complicated a door but a door nonetheless and I think all of us can use a few more of those!

Oh Where oh where has Ms. Crafty Gone

Ok so I'm on a making binge... of epic proportions... Stay tuned later on tonight for an Extended info Tutorial for Facebook and Felty Friday for tomorrow!  Meanwhile Here is the latest peice I am finishing...

Hundreds of hand stiches here on this bib Necklace!   Almost done hopefully listing maybe today but definitely by tomorrow!  Post some links of your Works in Progress!
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