Monday, November 2, 2009

SEO Optimization for Face Book Fan pages

Ok so I'm really digging the customization for facebook fan pages and I just wanted to share with you a few more optimizations to get some links back to your Etsy Shop.

I've been checking my Google Analytics and have realized that traffic from my fan page has increased a hundred percent since implementing some changes, including the Custom Landing Tab.

I just wanted to discuss here a few ways to optimize your page for Search Engines.

Make sure when you are filling in the Info tab or the box on your profile directly beneath your profile pic with keyword dense text. Think about your business and use keywords that people would use to search for businesses like yours... If you have already optimized your Etsy shop use those Keywords to build a really very accurate description of your business.

There is also a really great application called Extended info which will allow you to add custom fields to your info tab. I will post a tutorial on this shortly and that will let you add a rich description of your business the Search Engines will pick up on directly to your info tab.

Many businesses are starting to use their fanpages as a second home on the web and pulling in as many people thru searches is very helpful to driving traffic to your site... I started out on Wednesday with 37 fans, I now have 98... and I'm only halfway done running my ads.

Rich content andd lots of info will help draw people in and keep them coming back for more!
I do not think I have yet gotten a sale straight from facebook but people are coming and that is a very good thing especially in this holiday season to bring in as many people as possible!!!


chattygal said...

Thank you so much for your tutorials. I was able to setup my fan page and add a landing page and the Extended info. I will pass your tutorials along to others.

Now I just need 25 fans so I can get a unique url.

Chatty Gal Fan Page

Custom Facebook Fan Page said...

Brilliant. following such simple patterns of Facebook sharing will provide a lot of impetus on promotional purposes.

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