Monday, November 16, 2009

A little Bit about Why I Create and Design in Felt

For those of you not familiar with the wonderfulness of Wool Felt, let me go ahead and break it down as to why this is one of my FAVORITE mediums.
For all of my jewelry items I use exclusively  Genuine Wool Felt.  Genuine Wool felt is a blend of usually 35 percent wool and 65 percent polyester or 20%wool and 80% polyester.  This blend makes a super durable lush and smooth felt.  This felt maintains it's shape, when blanket stiched around it does not stretch at all.
It can be layered and accented with sequins and beads.
Everyone has sterling silver or gold jewelry.  My goal is to throw my own spin at the jewelry market, with designs that are elegant and fun and most of all play off of current trends.   My goal is to create jewelry that creates a statement and is completely unique.
I enjoy creating peices that will wow and create a conversation. The Metal jewelry market is so saturated, my aim is to present an alternative that is just as beautiful and just as wow worthy. I love having a soft and light piece of felt hanging from my ears or around my neck...
My jewelry is created using original free form embroidery techniques and the layers are first glued together using industrial strength felt glue and then each layer is sewn toghther.  This creates jewelry that is not only durable but virtually indestructible.
Each peice can be lightly cleaned using a damp cloth... It's not advisable to submerge the peices in water.  It is totally preferable to remove the jewelry when washing your hands.
I love taking such a simple and durable material and transforming it into something beautiful and unexpected.

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