Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extended Info Or the Way to totally Optimize your Facebook for Search Engines

This is part of our Facebook fan page tune up section.

Ok so previously we talked about search engine optimization... And I told you that the easiest way to do this was to utilize two things on your fan page... The box below your profile picture and another facebook application called Extended Info.

Let's start with the Box.

That handy little box under your profile is for much more than links. It's a traffic gold mine... put in a killer description of your business when people are googling your keywords wouldn't it be awesome if your etsy shop didn't come up at least your killer fan page with all of your info would????

Next using the Extended info application you can customize your info tab and make that an awesome boon of information. Again remembering to use words that describe your business and a little about yourself if you want.I'm still workin on mine...
As with most things home business based... There ain't enough hours in the day!!!
 But since using this boxes to my best advantage when someone googles my shop MY FANPAGE comes up before even my Etsy shop.  So it is definietly another door into your shop... granted its  a bit more complicated a door but a door nonetheless and I think all of us can use a few more of those!

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