Thursday, January 29, 2009

So We Joined Facebook Last night

That is a really freaking scary thing. I keep a low profile most of the time cause I don't need anything else that keeps me on the internet for a ridiculous amount of time. I do enough of that on my own. But its funny to see people you know and how they've grown up. You forget all the time that We're all like really adults now, following my theory that you aren't fully an adult regardless of what the law says until you are thirty.
Lee doesn't remember anybody which is funny. I was like so when I'm 34 my memory will start to dim good thing I did this
Ok so Sunflower Express's 1st full length episode is nearing completion we go into editing phase as soon as I finish my GD animation. There has been so much stuff going on that it is really hard for me to dig in but my goal is today.
Me and Cynt. will be heading to Mayorga Cafe on FEB. 7 for an art fair so I will be frantically making products for that in the very very near future. Gobie Keychains anyone????
Life has been a bit hechtic lately but I am very glad that I have a husband like I do. He really doesn't care about all the bullshit stuff and is mostly happy when I'm happy. So I give him mad props cause I'm hard to handle sometimes. The mom thing is exhausting and working the show is like a full time job in and of its self, on top of all the other things like the shop and the business. But you know I like to be busy, keeps me out of trouble and my mind engaged.
I hate the winter so its easy for me to drift until the temperature hits something remotely normal.
Ok enough procrastinating... time to get back to work.

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