Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What if the mightiest word is love?

Ok so I knew today would be emotionally charged. Hell change is never easy. It's never the easiest thing to do or make. Change is painful, and Forceful but in the end usually changes are for the better. I think that Barack Obama will be the best thing to happen to this country in a very long time. I love the fact that he refuses to let us off the hook. Before it was always I now its WE! We must not ever become complacent again. I think it is the one thing that has driven me insane. If you don't like something get off of your ass and scream it and help when you can help!
And to love each other and ourselves most of all. Nothing will ever change if we can't see the love and value in each and every person in this country and on this planet.

I love the fact that he included so many musicians and creative people in his Celebration.
I highly suggest everyone sign this petition http://www.petitiononline.com/esnyc/petition.html for the creation of a secretary of the arts. I am signature numba 159969.
Arts should be elevated to a higher level in this country and not just music. I'm talking about potters, jewelry makers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, anyone who lifts a hand to do anything out of intent to beautifully communicate a message!
on a side note We did not go into DC though I really wanted to today... Number one its freaking freezing, My son is like 3... and hubby is at work so I'd be by myself... My Friend Cynt was gonna go with me but she lucked into tickets and took her dad. I really think today was super important for the older generation of folks. Hey I'm 30 I'll catch him in 4 years!
I am block printing some cards today for VDAY... and I hope to work on some felt stuff later. Will post picks!
Happy Barack Obama Day!

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