Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Ok so this blog is going to be a little bit about everything from a creative perspective. ok so like what inspired me today you ask?? 

At this present moment in time to very important things are going on in the world.  One is the inauguration of Barack Obama, the second is my 35 month old son finally voluntarily going to the bathroom!!!  I've been working non stop in the last few months so I really thought it would never happen and then all of the sudden presto!  So tip to all you moms killing yourselves thinking that it's your fault and if you weren't so busy and that your kid is going to be five wearing diapers take a deep breath and have a glass of wine cause seriously its gonna be alright! 

The Previous thing I mentioned was the inauguration.  I'm so excited and happy and I have been wondering for a while if this was all really happening.  But it is and It really is inspiring.  I think for along time as a country we have been pretty depressed and not really all that hopefulI.  Right now I'm feeling kinda depressed.  You know how it feels when your really bad boyfriend all your friends hate and you know is bad for you breaks up with you and you still cry and miss him that's kinda how I feel about George Bush right now. It was really really bad but who are you going to laugh at? There will be no knowing wink at the cute french guy at the paper stand when you wear your Bush WMD t shirt. 

But I am excited and encouraged by all the positive energy and Yes I have been considering changing my plans to stay home on Tuesday (NO STROLLERS!!!)  and might be braving the ridiculous cold with my tot monster, for a few pics to add to the Obama scrap book.

On the Art front this weekend I am finishing up some animation for Sunflower Express.  Hopefully that will be done very soon so I can get back to doing some fun art... It's pretty hard when you have so many ideas and not enough time to do it all.  I have notebooks filled with all the stuff I've wanted to do but never got around to yet.  Plus I never took pictures of all the stuff I made for people for christmas... I was basically prototyping for my etsy shop. 
Who knows you guys may see some of it for sale real soon!

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